FOCUS Workshop/The Influence EdgeTM


FOCUS Workshop/The Influence EdgeTM

Two Days (6 hours per day) Workshop

Focus Workshop

Process Improvement & Management

Looking to upgrade yourself to become a part of your organization's process driven culture? This powerful two-day program give participants throughout the organization a solid foundation in Pritchett's best of class process improvement ePIP methodology: the Rummler-Brache approach.

Participants learn how to link organizational strategy to performance improvement plans, and how to apply a consistent, standardized approach to participate in, lead and tackle process improvement projects. They develop basic process mapping skills and a process redesign vocabulary, then apply those skills in a robust case study to document, analyze, and improve real-world processes.

This two-day workshop is based on the Rummler-Brache ePIP methodology and approach; it is designed for the process novice, executives, managers, process analysis/design team members and PMET who are seeking a new specialized business skills to re-enter the job market, a working knowledge of process improvement and management. It is also for process consultants to acquire an in-depth business perspective of process improvement and management, and before they attend the Pritchett ePIP Process Improvement Consulting Certification. FOCUS training offers the proven roadmap and skill building blocks needed for transforming functional silos into a cross-functional, process managed organization. The interactive, case-driven workshop provides a launch pad for process improvement projects. Emphasis is on how to redesign and realign processes to optimize resources for dramatic performance gains for your respective departments, and the organization as a whole.

Influence EdgeTM

Getting Work Done without Authority

This workshop teaches you to sell your ideas, build good working relationships and get good and effective results in today's horizontal progressive organization. Using influence skills to achieve results regardless of positional power within the organization. Participants likely to be managers, team leaders, project leaders, supervisors, etc... will be taught specific influence behaviours, when and how to practice, how to use networking & informal influence, and skills to overcome resistance.